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SHEAR BITS is continually looking for experienced, knowledgeable and motivated people to join our team. SHEAR BITS offers a unique work environment where the skills, abilities, and input of each individual contribute greatly to the success and development of the company. Our team is comprised of highly experienced industry experts, working together to provide our customers with unmatched customer service.

Field Sales Agent - West Texas
SHEAR BITS is actively investigating options for a field sales agency for the West Texas region. With an existing array of new technologies developed for the drilling and completions industry, SHEAR BITS is well poised for growth in the region, even in the current downturn. From new PDC cutter and drill bit design technologies that allow our PDC products to achieve record setting performance, to our new patent-pending Pexus hybrid drill bits (owns the most World Records in Hybrid category) that are changing the rules in many applications. A new line of Pexus Hybrid mills is currently being rolled out to the completions / workover industry to dramatically improve efficiencies while milling through frac plug and/or specialty sleeve systems. The Pexus Hybrid Mills also address troublesome clean out applications including the GeoThermal Industry.




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