Rapid Custom Bit Design

At SHEAR BITS we recognize that the most successful drill bit designs are the ones that are directly targeted at very specific drilling challenges. That is why our systems have been developed to produce customized product in an extraordinarily short time. We also realize that experience matters - our design team has decades of fixed cutter drill bit design experience for applications all over the world, including creating some of the industry's most successful drill bit designs. This combination of extensive experience and rapid response frequently results in drill bit designs that evolve project by project, delivering improved performance well over well.

Innovative Manufacturing Technologies

Traditional fixed cutter drill bit bodies are manufactured either from "matrix" or steel. Each body type has advantages and disadvantages compared to one another. SHEAR BITS has developed a new body construction that builds on the advantages of both traditional types, without any of the disadvantages associated with either type. SHEAR BITS' bodies have the strength and accuracy of steel with superior wear resistance to matrix. This new construction allows for very aggressive, but also very durable bit designs that outperform traditional steel-bodied or matrix-bodied bits.

High-performance hydraulics

All SHEAR BITS PDC bits are designed with a multi-tiered approach toward hydraulic optimization, and are verified using computational fluid dynamics. All waterways and junk slots are contoured to minimize dead spots in the flow field, all nozzles are interchangeable, junk slots are oversized, and most designs include multiple nozzle per blade layouts.

This combination of concepts produces an hydraulic design that offers excellent cleaning & cooling performance and excellent flexibility for field adjustments to the TFA

The SHEAR BITS PDC bit product line is configured to maximize the performance characteristics of different types of applications. As a result, the following series of bits are currently available: 

Vertical Series

High-efficiency shearing action - Designed with an advanced cutting structure, developed to maximize drilling efficiency

Each bit is designed with an aggressive layout to maximize ROP potential by maximizing the depth of cut. A very high ROP is therefore possible with much less WOB than conventional designs. Running with low WOB reduces or eliminates deviation issues in vertical sections and helps inhibit cutter damage.

Multi-Row Series

Superior performance in demanding applications - The toughest drilling applications require multiple bit trips, many different bit types, and very long times to complete the interval. Multi-Row Series drill bits are designed to perform in demanding applications - providing aggressive performance with exceptional durability.

By adding additional rows of PDC cutters on each blade, drill bit designs can be tailored to provide the characteristics necessary to perform in complex intervals. Whether it is purely hard or abrasive drilling, or heavily interbedded sections, each application can be conquered with a specific design strategy.

Directional Series

Directional excellence - designed to provide consistent toolface control without sacrificing ROP potential. The result is a bit that is steerable when sliding and fast when rotating.

The bit profile design is a proprietary geometry that equates to a very short overall length while maintaining excellent diamond volume where it's needed most - the shoulder of the bit. This results in a bit that is very durable, but also able to achieve high build & turn rates. As with all designs, multi-row layouts are available for demanding applications

Horizontal Series

Finally, a PDC bit design specifically made for horizontal work!

The demands of horizontal applications differ from generic directional applications. Drilling primarily laterally is inherently different from drilling an "S" curve well or a build & hold.

In order to maximize performance in horizontal applications, Horizontal Series bits are outfitted with specialized gage pads, to maximize circumferential borehole contact while maintaining a short overall length, and with a targeted PDC cutting structure that drills ahead efficiently without aggressive side cutting, thus limiting dropping tendency.

Oil Sands Horizontal Series

Oil Sands applications have a very unique set of challenges when compared to all other applications. In addition to the complexities of horizontal drilling along a very tight well path, these applications are well known to cause the most severe bit body wash of any application on the planet. The new proprietary SHEAR BITS' body construction has proven to outperform all conventional drill bits in terms of body wear resistance, greatly enhancing the ability of Oil Sands Series bits to maximize performance in well after well.